Day One Patch Notes for Hogwarts Legacy Patch

Day One Patch Notes for Hogwarts Legacy Patch ...

Hogwarts Legacy is already a popular game. Many Harry Potter fans and gamers are dipping into the magical world, but this does not mean the game is without problems. Avalanche Software is working on patches to correct these. This may leave you wondering what the patch notes for Hogwarts Legacy fix are.

All Changes and Fixes in Hogwarts Legacy Patch Notes

We can infer that Hogwarts Legacy and its day one patch will address many of the known bugs and issues. The official Hogwarts Legacy website lists many known bugs and how common they are. We assume that the Day One patch and future patches will work on addressing these issues. Here is what we expect, or at least targeted, to be fixed in the Hogwarts Legacy patch.

  • Crashing after seizure warning.
  • Frate rate.
  • Green face bug.
  • Take the biscuit, can't unlock cage (quest).
  • Falling through the world.
  • The game crashing after accepting terms.
  • Sony DualSense haptic nd rumble not working.
  • NPCs appearing suddenly while exploring Hogwarts.
  • Lazy eyes on NPCs in the Gryffindor common room.
  • Unable to claim Wizarding World items.
  • Professor Fig bug.
  • Being able to enter the Headmaster's office early.
  • Error with West Bell Tower Field Guides.
  • In the Shadow of the Study quest bug.
  • Betty Bugbrooke being invisible.
  • Cannot collect Jackdaw Sculpture.
  • Inventory Placeholder bug.
  • Sphinx Puzzle bug.
  • PS5 Collections Trophy Tracker error.
  • Madam Kogawa missing.
  • Game Breaking Quest progression bugs.

This list was obtained from the Hogwarts Legacy bug reporting page's Trending and In-Progress tabs. We don't have confirmation if these issues will be resolved, but they are a safe bet. If Hogwarts Legacy publishes official patch notes, we'll update this guide with that information.

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