Emiru gets dividends from the OTK Rift 2 LoL tournament on Twitch

Emiru gets dividends from the OTK Rift 2 LoL tournament on Twitch ...

Team Filian may have won all of the other competitors in the One True King (OTK) Rift 2 League of Legends tournament yesterday, but the real winner last night was Emiru, who leveraged her participation in the tournament to increase her viewership and subscribership.

The Emirus channel was the main broadcast for OTK Rift 2, with a slew of talent, including Emiru on the analyst desk alongside Ovilee May. The shoutcasters for the event were none other than Captain Flowers and Zirene.

The high-energy personalities are known for keeping things tense, yet the group gave off even more relaxed vibes throughout the evening to help distinguish the event from an LCS or Twitch Rivals broadcast, which might have stricter regulations regarding professionalism or profanity usage.

According toStreams Charts, Emirus' channel attracted 33,365 viewers, while also viewing an average of 173,389 hours watched. This summer, she only streamed Asmongold and Mizkif in cross-dressing cosplay. That stream on August 23 attracted 39,303 viewers, but had fewer hours watched, 111,357.

According to Twitch Tracker, Emirus' biggest bonus was the amount of subscriptions she received throughout the evening. In addition to her fellow casters serving as shameless shills for the channel, she received 842 subscriptions throughout the stream, including 388 gifted subs.

The broadcast from WePlay Studios was packed with valuable brand placement for OTK and the organization's new PC building company Starforge Systems, both of which were visible throughout the broadcast.