What to Do With the Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy

What to Do With the Medusa Painting in Hogwarts Legacy ...

A mysterious Medusa painting can be found hidden in the bell tower wing of Hogwarts Legacy. Here's all you need to know about it and what it actually does in the game's narrative.

What Does the Medusa Painting Do in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Bell Tower Medusa painting isn't exactly a Hogwarts Legacy item; it's rather a Hogwarts Legacy present. However, when you use the Revelio spell, there isn't a solution to it. After interacting with the painting, you'll automatically become stone.

A random prompt will appear on the screen after you touch the painting, and you will have a few seconds to click the correct button before your wizard falls to the floor. There is no consequence in either way, as there is simply a fun Easter Egg. If you cast Revelio in front of the Medusa picture, you will discover a hidden Field Guide page.

Where can I find Medusa's painting in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Hogwarts Legacy Medusa painting can be found through the entry next to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo flame. You will need to learn the Alohomora level 1 lock spell to unlock it, which can be obtained by turning in Demiguise statues for the Man Behind the Moon side quest.

After breaking the lock, go down the stairs and make a right to find a door puzzle. The Graphorn number two symbol for the first question mark and the Unicorn symbol for the second question mark are both symbols used in the Bell Tower Courtyard door puzzle.

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