In Roblox, how do I get the Merchant Marker?

In Roblox, how do I get the Merchant Marker? ...

Find the Markers may seem like a new scavenger-hunt adventure, but it is actually a complex map with quite a few tricky clues to discover. The Merchant Marker is another new item to include in this brief guide.

In Find the Markers, How to Find the Merchant Marker

You'll first need to enter Washable Kingdom by teleporting through the magical clock shown below. This clock has a secret ladder behind it that will allow you to ascend to the first level, followed by a second secret ladder leading to the actual clock face.

Once inside Washable Kingdom, turn left toward the large marketplace and go down the middle path of stalls. The Merchant Marker should be visible at one of these stalls.

After speaking with this marker, you'll be told that in order to add it to your Markerdex, you must first collect 10 golden coins. The locations of these coins are fairly similar for everyone.

  • On top of the back-left stall in the marketplace
  • Inside the rightmost back stall in the marketplace
  • On top of the campfire in the bioluminescent area
  • Inside the castle's throne room
  • On top of the castle's lower battlement
  • On top of the back left castle tower
  • On top of a tree in the swamp area
  • Inside the hidden ice cave
  • At the top of Dragon Mountain
  • In a tree near the marketplace

A noise maker/confetti sound effect will play once you've collected the tenth coin, indicating that you've completed the Merchant Marker's quest. Return to this marker and speak to it to collect it.

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