In Destiny 2, what is the Fireteam Finder and how to use it

In Destiny 2, what is the Fireteam Finder and how to use it ...

In Destiny 2, having a full fire team is a luxury and even a necessity in certain activities. Raids are difficult to beat solo, so you'll need to find a group of six to raid. Players have used Discord servers and other websites to complete their team of six before using the Fireteam Finder.

In Destiny 2, what is the Fireteam Finder?

The Fireteam Finder is an in-game group finding feature that was first announced in a blog post about Lightfall and the Year Ahead. Players may now host and join fireteams, locating the ideal match for their Destiny 2 group. Since solo players have long felt left out, they have now been able to take part in multiplayer events such as raids.

In Destiny 2, how do you use the Fireteam Finder?

When you open the Fireteam Finder, you have a choice. If you're a solo player who wants to join a partially filled group, you can instead look for a public fireteam that fits your interest and fill one of their group spots. If you're wary of potential teammates, you can approve or reject each player individually.

The Fireteam Finder feature will be released shortly after the Lightfall expansion, closer to the end of 2023.

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