In BitLife, how do you complete the Wheelin & Dealin challenge?

In BitLife, how do you complete the Wheelin & Dealin challenge? ...

Another BitLife challenge for you to complete before the time runs out is now. This week is the Wheelin & Dealin Challenge, and you will need to bring out multiple skills to complete the Challenge with your character. This guide explains how to complete the Wheelin & Dealin challenge in BitLife.

All Wheelin & Dealin Challenge tasks

For the Wheelin & Dealin Challenge, you will need to complete many tasks, all of which you will need to complete on the same character. Here's all you need to know about it.

  • Buy a food truck business for 5+ years
  • Run a marijuana dispensary business for 5+ years
  • Engage in 10+ team-building exercises
  • Take 50k+ in bonuses from a company
  • Sell a company for a 100k+ profit

Everything you need to know about this Challenge will be covered by the new Business update, which means you will need to purchase the Business Job Pack. After you have purchased the Food Truck, you will need to begin working on the Challenge. You will need to pay at least $263,000 to operate it for at least five years; after this, buy a Marijuana Dispensary, which is a $1,880,000 business investment.

Both the businesses you want to purchase require that you stay in your job for at least five years. You may then choose to engage in team-building exercises to boost the morale of your employees while you own a business.

On the same Organization page, you must choose to receive 50k+ in bonuses from the company. This can be done from the Bonus tab, underneath activities. Your organization will need enough money to reward your character with this bonus.

You may wish to sell these businesses after working on them for at least five years. They will need to be profitable, and you may choose at the bottom of the Organization page to sell them for what they are worth. Their quality may vary, and you may need to continue working on them for several years before they turn a profit.

The Wheelin & Dealin Challenge has been completed. Your character will receive a random appearance item after you've completed all of these tasks.