In Roblox's Find the Markers, how do you get the Knight Marker?

In Roblox's Find the Markers, how do you get the Knight Marker? ...

Find the Markers may seem like another scavenger hunt-style adventure, but it is actually a very complicated map with a slew of difficult secrets to discover. The Knight Marker is the second marker we'll cover in this brief guide.

In Find the Markers, how do I find the Knight Marker?

To begin your knight-fighting journey, you'll first need to enter Washable Kingdom via the magical clock pictured below. This clock has a hidden ladder behind it that will allow you to go to the first level, followed by a further secret ladder at the back that leads you to the actual clock face.

Once inside Washable Kingdom, you should see a massive castle directly in front of you. Enter this castle and climb up the steps to the lower battlement.

Four towers stand guard against this battlement—to locate the Knight Marker, we need to approach and climb the front-right tower.

The Knight Marker will be ready to assault when you reach the top, killing your health pretty quickly. We'd suggest attempting to attack from behind when you reach the top. Once the Knight Marker is defeated, it will be added to your Markerdex!

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