In Hogwarts Legacy, who is Fastido?

In Hogwarts Legacy, who is Fastido? ...

Fastido is a new character introduced in Hogwarts Legacy and is one of the game's most terrifying boss fights. Here's all you need to know about the creepy poltergeist and where to find him.

Who is Fastido in the Hogwarts Legacy quest to mind your own business?

Fastido is a new character in the Harry Potter franchise and the main antagonist in the Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business quest. According to the game's lore, the mischievous antagonist was a poltergeist that terrorized students during the 1890-1891 Hogwarts Legacy winter term. Fastido is found in a chest inside the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop owned by Cassandra Mason.

The poltergeist has quickly established itself as one of the most terrifying boss fights in Hogwarts Legacy. However, Fastido can only be encountered in the PlayStation-exclusive quest Minding Your Own Business. The Haunted Hogsmeade shop storyline will eventually be available to Xbox, PC, and Steam Deck users sometime in 2024.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you unlock the quest "Mind Your Own Business?"

During the winter school year, you will encounter a house-elf named Penny while exploring the Hogsmeade's snow-covered area. The NPC will ask you if you want your own shop, which will kick off the late-game quest.

You will then be assigned to clean up the store and repair the damage. While on the lower levels of the abandoned shop, you will eventually encounter the creepy poltergeist Fastido for the very first time. Completing the PlayStation-exclusive quest will reward you with your own Hogsmeade Shop and Fastido's Shopkeeper Cosmetic Set.

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