Trina McGee Gets Candid About Her Decision To Reveal 'Disrespectful' Incidents She Experienced On the Set of Boy Meets Worlds

Trina McGee Gets Candid About Her Decision To Reveal 'Disrespectful' Incidents She Experienced On th ...

Trina McGee has been open about her experiences on Boy Meets World for three seasons in a row. She was particularly open about a time when a note she received on a set was revealed.

McGee discussed her experiences with the Pod Meets World cast members while guest-starring on popular '90s Black sitcoms. The actress talked about when her "meter" went down during a scene, leading to the creator Michael Jacobs telling her to turn down the Telma Hopkins.

Trina McGee spoke up about her recent revelation and explained how it feels to be opening up now.

When news outlets report that I had encountered racism on the set, it gives a broad ongoing tormented vision. When I tweeted other disrespectful remarks, I was happy to have it off my chest and was prompted to do so when I saw the people involved making money in the afterlife of the show and not including me in the monies being distributed. It felt great to be free of it.

Angela Moore's racial slurs are likely to be the "Aunt Jemima" comments she received while working on the set, which is, in all honesty, understandable. The show was canceled around Season 5, according to Trina McGee. So speaking her truth was crucial to resolving her issues with the sitcom, including the messed-up reason Angela wasn't a part of the series' finale.

Trina McGee was upset that the Telma Hopkins quote was used for clickbait later in the interview, especially since the TV and film actress has faced many Black female stereotypes while seeking out roles over the years:

First off, what he said was to dismiss Telma Hopkins. The media chose Blackness as their bait bite. In the business, Ive been navigating the meter of stereotypical sassy black girl for a long time. I know what kind of human being I am, but nobody Black in America has developed without the filters of how we are perceived in the world.

Telma Hopkins has been an entertainment staple since the 1970s, thanks to her roles on sitcoms such as Family Matters and Half and Half. This is a terrible error, given that many actors have expressed their opinions. Viola Davis dealt with Hollywood beauty regulations, and King Richard's Aunjanue Ellis has been fighting for equal pay.

Trina McGee's participation on the rewatch podcast allowed her to reveal more about her time on the show, such as her first impression of her Boy Meets World co-stars upon joining Season 5, and it's at least good to hear that she's been able to reveal all of this now.

Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle rewatch Boy Meets World every week. A very familiar episode of the sitcom is also available for download with a Disney+ subscription.