Apex Legends Revelry's Legends Change

Apex Legends Revelry's Legends Change ...

Although Apex Legends Season 16 will not have a new legend, there will be many changes to the current legends. The Apex Legends class system isundergoing a makeover, and several legends are experiencing significant changes that might alter the meta.

Bloodhound and Mirage will both have their abilities updated. Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Wraith will all have their abilities upgraded, while another major change may help you balance out gameplay a bit more.

Apex Legends' Bloodhound Season 16 changes

Tracker - Passive

  • White Ravens will spawn occasionally and can be interacted with to show path to the closest enemy player. Using a White Raven will recover 25% of Tactical and Ultimate, and scanning the White Raven will refund a full Tactical Charge.

Tactical - Eye of the Allfather

  • Reduced full body scan time from 3s to 1s

Beast of the Hunt - Ultimate

  • No longer recharges or speeds up the cooldown rate of Bloodhound’s Tactical
  • Will launch a White Raven that flies towards the nearest enemy
  • Killing an enemy while in Beast of the Hunt will also trigger a White Raven

Apex Legends' Mirage Season 16 changes

Now you see me... Passive - Now you see me...

  • Mirage and his ally now remain cloaked after a revive for 3s as long as weapons are stowed. Equipping a weapon will end the cloaking.

Clones of Mirage

  • Bamboozles are now only triggered by bullet fire and melee
  • Enemies who are bamboozled now receive notification on their screen
  • Bamboozle icon marker now tracks the Bamboozled player’s movement 
  • Bamboozle icon marker duration increased from 2.5s to 3.5s  

Apex Legends Changes in Pathfinder Season 16

Insider Knowledge is Passive

  • Pathfinder’s passive benefits are no longer gained by scanning Survey Beacon and are now gained by revealing Care Packages with the Skirmisher ability 

Ultimate - Zip Gun

  • Max Range increased by ~60%.
  • Max Speed increased by 66%. 
  • Acceleration and exit speed adjustments.
  • Targeting improvements, including updated visual and audio cues.
  • Can no longer place the end station on OOB zones. 

Apex Legends' Season 16 Changes

Passive - Heartbeat Sensor

  • Audio from Seer’s passive is now more audible to enemy players
  • Activation is now delayed to match raise animation of weapon or unarmed
  • Lock-On indication will now only show on heartbeat cadence of target

Focus of Attention - Tactical

  • No longer shows full body scan for targets.

Exhibit to the Ultimate

  • No longer reveals on initiation
  • Duration reduced from 30s to 25s
  • Cooldown increased from 120s to 180s

Apex Legends for Wraith Season 16 Changes

Dimensional Rift - Tactical

  • Max Portal Distance has been doubled  (~76m to 152m)
  • Portal Duration reduced from 60s to 45s
  • Wraith now increases speed over time when creating longer portals

Apex Legends: Horizon Season 16 Changes

Gravity Lift - Tactical

  • Increased weapon spread in Gravity Lift
  • Increased vertical speed of Gravity Lift by 10%

Apex Legends Makes a Season 16 Changes

Combat Revive is a tactical game.

  • Reduced slow penalty for Lifeline when reviving teammates.

Ultimate - Care Package

  • Decreased the drop animation speed of Care Package from 14s to 8s
  • Increased the deployment range of Care Package

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