LoverWatch puts Overwatch in the holiday spirit

LoverWatch puts Overwatch in the holiday spirit ...

LoverWatch: Love Never Dies is a free-to-play browser-based dating game that never fails.

An official Overwatch dating sim has been released by Blizzard.

LoverWatch was released earlier today via the official Overwatch Twitter account, causing fans to be completely unprepared. Players embark on a quest to find love under the tutelage of a very suspicious Cupid, filling the roles of a faceless protagonist.

Mercy and Genji are the only two dating options available. Completing a series of dates and reaching the end rewards players with icons, titles, and more to use in Overwatch 2. Combined with some sloppy marketing of the Hanzo Cupid skin and some gruesome dialogue, this isn't a dating simulator to write home about.

It's surprising that it took Blizzard so long to dip its toes into this genre, considering how much questionable "fan-art" has been created since the title was first released years ago. Perhaps they needed some courage after seeing Dead by Daylight's efforts last year. That and copious amounts of time, because nothing Overwatch related happens in a timely fashion.

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