Why Does Mutt Disappears In the Middle of Schitts Creek?

Why Does Mutt Disappears In the Middle of Schitts Creek? ...

Mutt was a pivotal character in the Rose family's new life, but he vanished unexpectedly in the middle of Schitt's Creek. Mutt is the son of Schitt's Creek's mayor, Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott), and local high school teacher Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson) that plays a major role in the show. However, Alexis, the person who tries the hardest to conceal her feelings about Schitt'

Mutt's disappearance from Schitt's Creek following a brief appearance at the start of season 3 was unexpected. Alexis ended her relationship to Ted to join Mutt in Schitt's Creek season 2, but she quickly becomes bored with Mutt when he sheds his bad-boy dreadlocks for a clean-shaven appearance. Mutt's beard demonstrates that Alexis' loyalty to him was almost entirely superficial.

Mutt's Reasons for Leaving Schitt's Creek

Mutt's abrupt departure from Schitt's Creek without much fanfare or acknowledgement may seem strange, but the reason for Tim Rozon's inclusion is that he was chosen to play Doc Holliday in the hit television show Wynonna Earp. Rozon played a major role for all four seasons of Wynonna Earp.

Rozon's decision to leave Schitt's Creek for a bigger role as Wynonna Earp's fictional great-granddaughter was a smart move.

Mutt's Leaving Was Quite The Show

The second-chance relationship between Alexis and Ted in Schitt's Creek sped through quickly and efficiently. Mutt's brief time on the show played a significant role in getting Alexis to that point.

Mutt was the wrong choice, but he was the correct choice at the time. Had Alexis stayed with Ted the first time around, she would have learned a valuable lesson from him. Mutt's constant presence would have sparked a pointless and awkward clash with both Alexis and Ted.

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