OpTic continues to cement their legacy with a victory against DRX in the 2022 VCT Champions grand final

OpTic continues to cement their legacy with a victory against DRX in the 2022 VCT Champions grand fi ...

Fans will get their final look at the unfranchised league and the fan-favorite teams theyve come to know and love during the 2022VALORANTVCT Champions Tour, which ends this weekend. Todays big match was the lower bracket final, where North Americas Masters-winning team OpTic Gaming would face Koreas DRX.

OpTic was favored in terms of experience. The team has been in this position previously, and they have succeeded. DRX, on the other hand, has never finished higher than fifth place in an international tournament despite attending several.

OpTic came out of the gate, poised and prepared, easily steamrolled through the first two maps. DRX put up a fight but eventually were eliminated from Champions, despite putting up a fight today's series to map five.

DRX came out strong on Bind, but lost momentum as OpTic executed attacks on one of their finest maps. DRX stopped the bleeding to produce a 7-5 half with a clutch 4k round from Mako. OpTic took one of their finest maps yet again, not letting their defeat to LOUD the day before fluster them.

Both teams returned to Breeze's standard compositions. Victor returned to playing Jett after failing to achieve success on this map. The stage was set for the anticipated Chamber duel between yay and Rb.

OpTic at Champions was hoping for a good map today thanks to their excellent defense. As expected, yay continued to excel as OpTics' star. BuZz was notably absent as far as his impact on the game as a whole was concerned.

@OpTic gives a big round of #VALORANTChampions on twitter.com/G0ZQT4sef1

DRX had one final chance to remain alive in the Champions after the best of five series. With Rb, one of the world's top Neon players, DRX came out powerful.

MaKo was equally unstoppable throughout this map, returning to his reputation as one of the world's top controller players even after the tough first two maps in this series. DRX kept their mental fortitude to hold their ground.

@OpTic's BIG round of #VALORANTChampions https://twitter.com/G0ZQT4sef1

DRX was suddenly awake and moving, and they took Fracture 13-8 without giving up.

DRX faced yet another obstacle on Ascent. Many teams have avoided playing Chamber on this map during Champions, but yay, as one of the finest Chamber players in the world, had decided to pull out one of their old compositions, featuring yay on Jett and FNS on Killjoy.

OpTic was finally looking on form as one of the best Jett players in the tournament, and DRX finally became in command of the game, displaying both confidence and composure. DRX led Ascent 9-3 at the half and took the map 13-6, sending the game to a fifth map.

OpTic slowly started to gain momentum, though Haven started a back-and-forth battle. DRX were down 8-4 at the half and had some hope after winning the pistol round in the second half, only to lose the next two rounds afterward. The Korean team stayed strong through several close rounds, and OpTic easily pushed through to take Haven 13-10.

OpTic has now established a new record as the team that has had the most appearances in a grand final at an international VCT tournament. Another incredible rematch between them and Brazils LOUD is on the horizon. The final professional VALORANT match of 2022 will be played tomorrow, September 18, at 9am CT. One of those teams will bring home the 2022 Champions trophy and championship.