At VCT Champions 2022, OpTic vs. DRX sets new VALORANT viewership highs

At VCT Champions 2022, OpTic vs. DRX sets new VALORANT viewership highs ...

OpTic and DRX, the topVALORANTteams out of North America and Korea, met in the lower bracket final of VCT Champions 2022, putting them in the position for the first time in a VCT best-of-five. In the end, OpTic avoided the first-ever reverse sweep in a best-of-five.

According to Esports Charts, the exceptional display between two fantastic teams will live on not just as one of the best matches ever, but also as one of the most watched ever, surpassing one million concurrent viewers during the fifth map of the series on Haven.

With 1M+ Peak Viewers, on their fifth game and fourth @playvalorant event, 1M+ Peak Viewers.

Champions 2022 is just the fourth competitive VALORANT event to reach one million concurrent viewers during its runtime, surpassing Champions 2021, Masters Reykjavik 2021, and Masters Reykjavik 2022 in terms of total hours watched.

OpTic and Gambit are the only teams to compete in two matches with one million concurrent viewers each, but OpTic could very easily win the second-ever grand finals against LOUD tomorrow.

The Masters Berlin 2021 and Masters Copenhagen 2022 are the only international tournaments that did not exceed the one million mark, and were viewed poorly compared to other international VCT events. Despite the fact that several participants in both events had already qualified for the Champions in those years, the stakes were lower at both events.

On Sunday, OpTic and LOUD will try to hit the one million mark together again, with a 9am CT start time.