Natalia Dyer: 10 Things You Didn't Know

Natalia Dyer: 10 Things You Didn't Know ...

Every film actor/actress has a specific role for which they are most well-known. For some, it's a film they've appeared in before or during a younger age. For others, fame plays catch-up with them at a later time. Natalia Dyer is one actress who is well-known for her role in Netflix's Stranger Things.

Natalia Dyer is from Indiana's fictional town of Hawkins. Here are ten fascinating facts about the actress.

Natalia Dyer's Film Debut Was Hannah Montana: The Movie

Disney approved Hannah Montana: The Movie, Dyer's first film, and she played Clarissa Granger in one of Hollywood's bankable films at the time.

Natalia Dyer Has Begun Acting in Theater Plays

Dyer had already had credited roles in theater plays at the age of nine. Her first credited role was in 2004. In To Kill a Mockingbird, she played the role of a Scout. The performance was held at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Stranger Things' Earnings for Natalia Dyer

Stranger Things, which is arguably one of Netflix's most-watched and successful series, has been a fan favorite since it began in 2016. With the audience's rating and popularity, the series' regular cast, like Dyer, has been estimated to earn $150,000 per episode, according to Business Insider.

Natalia Dyer's Childhood

Hannah Montana is a 13-year-old actress born on January 13, 1995, in Nashville, Tennessee. She was born to Allen and Karen Dyer, and has two sisters. She grew up in Tennessee, attending and graduating from Nashville School of the Arts. Dyer auditioned and was cast as Clarissa Granger in a film.

5.Her First Major Role in Film was in I Believe in Unicorns.

I Believe in Unicorns, a coming-of-age romantic comedy, starred Dyer for the first time in a major film. The film received favorable reviews, with an above-average rating on other review sites.

Natalia Dyer's Relationship

The actress has only been publicly involved with one known romantic partner. She and her co-star in Stranger Things, Charlie Heaton, have been in a relationship since 2016.

Natalia Dyer's Awards and Nominations

For her part in Stranger Things, Dyer received four nominations across two top categories during her almost two-decade acting career. Her first nomination was in 2017 at the Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a Digital TV Series or Film – Teen Actress. She has been nominated three times, in 2017/2018/2019, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Natalia Dyer's Net Worth is 8.

Stranger Things actress Miriam Woods has an estimated net worth of $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Undoubtedly, the majority of her income has come from the Netflix series.

9.She Has Been Included in a Music Video

The actress starred in James Bay's 2018 song, Wild Love, from his second studio album, Electric Light. It is the first and only music video to star the actress.

Natalia Dyer's Next Films

Dyer last appeared in 2021 Things Heard & Seen, an American horror film that featured Willis Howell. However, Dyer has been busy with her next film, Chestnut, which is already in its post-production stage. Fans of the actress can anticipate her playing Annie soon enough. There's also All Fun and Games, which is still in development, and Dyer will play Billie.