Faith_bian might leave Dota 2 before The International 11

Faith_bian might leave Dota 2 before The International 11 ...

After the PSG.LGD offlaner announced his intention to retire after The International 2022, every run in esports will come to an end.

Faith_bian is one of the most successfulDota 2players of all time, winning TI6 with a Wings Gaming roster that is still considered one of the best to ever play the game before eventually landing with LGD, transforming them into a revitalized force near the end of 2020.

Faith_bian led the LGD team to become the most dominant teams on the planet, never falling below fifth in any event since September 2020. That run also includes top-three finishes at multiple Majors, a WePlay AniMajor victory, and a second-place finish at TI10.

A five-page document, translated by many people, including Alliance assistant coachArthur, detailing his thoughts and analysis on the grand finals of TI10, where LGD suffered a cinderella story defeat to Team Spirit on the largest stage.

Faith_bian's letter to the community, including his official retirement announcement after TI 11, and his views on the Grand Final series. Here's the complete translation.

Faith_bian said he wrote this piece ten days after the event to share his thoughts with the general public. However, LGD did not allow him to post it at the time due to possible fan perception.

Faith_bian said: I knew that there would be many low-level errors in gameplay. Ive received many suggestions that I should do a replay review for everybody so that we might be able to solve this issue. I agree with your suggestion, but I am too sorry to go through this.

So instead of releasing his notes at the time, he saved the analysis portion of his work and is now publishing it along with his intention to retire after TI11 ahead of the release of True Sight TI10, both for his own personal satisfaction and to provide fans with a new perspective for their viewing.

Faith_bian delves into his teammates' selection strategies and how they would approach specific situations on the road in all five pages, including for game two of the finals, and described the person who [was] dropped off a cliff.

Faith_bian said that sometimes unexpected situations and uncertainty made esports so appealing. I used to be pushed to the limit, and I later realized that I was capable of doing that with a different mindset. Now that I look up to Team Spirit at the bottom of the hill, I'm reminded of myself, but they faced more difficulties than us and were more dedicated. I admire and respect their entire TI10 journey from the bottom of my heart.

Faith_bian said while lauding the Spirits' run and eventual victory over his team, they were unsatisfied and apologized for everyone who supported them.

Faith_bian has made it clear that this will be his last ride, currently going into TI11 as an early favorite, but facing the likes of Spirit and OG, both groups that have hindered LGD from winning TI the previous two seasons.

Faith_bian said he'll leave Dota 2 permanently after TI11, saying goodbye to the competitive scene and beginning a fresh chapter in my life. I've been thinking about this for a while and I think it's the right move, inevitably with a bit of regret.

Dota's retirement, as well as esports as a whole, is a strange experience since it happens so often and in some instances is only temporary until a new game attracts the players' interest or they recover the competitive urge.

Faith_bian, 24, is still alive and well in the sport, having won roughly $3.7 million in just tournament winnings throughout his career, according toEsports EarningsandLiquipedia. Retiring and exploring other options sounds like his goal, but that doesnt mean his focus isnt currently on the game.

LGD has been one of the greatest teams in the world for a long time, and over the last two years, they have been regarded as the most consistent top roster. They enter TI11 to finally win it all and bring the Aegis of Champions back to Chinawhile also settling the score with their competitors on Spirit, something Faith_bian is all in for.

Faith_bian stated that for the time being, I am more than determined to win the matches that will come. Regardless of the outcome, I will do everything I can to make every effort possible.