In Tower of Fantasy, all Big Rat locations are located on Artificial Island

In Tower of Fantasy, all Big Rat locations are located on Artificial Island ...

Artificial Island is a great place to spend a lot of time in Tower of Fantasy. One of the most rewarding tasks to look for is to defeating newly added enemies. Big Rat, a Type 12 security drop, is a unique enemy that you must defeat in order to get a new achievement.

All 5 Big Rat Spawn Locations

Big Rat is a level 70 adversary, which is unusual since not even the world bosses have had a level that high. At five locations on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, Big Rat randomly spawns. However, there is a good possibility you will encounter one.

The first spawn site is just west of Eyrie, in a stronghold.

This location is the main river crossing in the Sea Gate Passage area.

The mine base area is a stronghold at the third spawn location.

Look for a fortification in the Rusty Iron Camp area to find the fourth location.

The last Big Rat spawn site is in the southwest Ring Arena area.

How to defeat Big Rat

Big Rat isn't as powerful as the world's bosses, although it's definitely stronger than the average enemy and can easily kill you if you are not careful. Additionally, it has a very large health pool, making it a very tanky adversary.

If you have long-range fire weapons, bring them along since Big Rats does not have any ranged attacks. Most of his attacks can easily be avoided, and you can easily get a perfect dodge on him to deal severe damage. Once you defeat him, you may claim your rewards by going to the terminal option from the pause menu.