Is It Still Possible to Get Loadouts in Warzone 2?

Is It Still Possible to Get Loadouts in Warzone 2? ...

The CoD Next Showcase featured some new features that players can look forward to in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. You may purchase and upgrade weapons and equipment, including the custom weapon you create, while the Loadout system works in Warzone 2.

The Shop feature remains available for players to purchase pre-built weapons in Warzone 2. Here's all players need to know about the new Buy Stations and Loadout drops.

Can you purchase a loadout drop in Warzone 2?

Custom weapons are being replaced with the Loadout drop system, meaning players cannot buy a drop in Warzone 2. In Warzone, players could purchase a Loadout drop with the Primary and Secondary Weapon, Tacticals and Lethals, and three Perks. In Warzone 2, you can only purchase pre-built custom weapons from The Shop.

The other major change in Warzone 2 is the removal of Perks, which will be absent from the game at the launch. This will surely alter certain aspects of the gameplay, and players must adapt to it. Tactical and Lethal equipment items are now found as ground loot.

Before the match starts, you may pre-build your weapons and send them to the Gunsmith. However, not having Perks, Lethals, Tacticals, and Secondary will affect how players customize each class in Warzone 2.

Players may still get Squadmate Buy Backs from The Shop. Likewise, you may purchase certain equipment such as Armor, Killstreaks, and Gas Masks from The Shop. There are also limited time equipment that players may purchase, and once purchased, they are removed from The Shop.