How to Pre-register for Marvel Snap

How to Pre-register for Marvel Snap ...

The next Marvel online card game,Marvel Snapis, is set to be released shortly, but players may get geared up for the fast-paced, mobile-first game by pre-registering.

The game will be free-to-play on Android, iOS, and PC. Pre-registration isnt required, but can assist you in getting updates ahead of its release date on October 18th.

According to which devices they pre-register, players who pre-register will receive a free card variation. Android users who pre-register will unlock a Max Grecke Hulk variant to their account, while Apple users will receive a Dan Hipp Iron Man version.

On October 18, MARVEL SNAP will be launched internationally! Pre-register NOW to get the most out of your collection, such as a special Max Grecke Hulk variant for Android or a Dan Hipp Iron Man variant for iOSGoogle Play and PC:

How to pre-register for Marvel Snap

To pre-register forMarvel Snap, go to thegames official website. One for Apple, Google Play, and Steam. Click on the icon for the location where youll be playing.

You will be asked to provide your email when you select the Apple or Steam pre-registration option. Once you have entered your email, click submit, and youre done. You should receive a confirmation when you have successfully registered.

If you choose the Android option, you'll be taken to the official Google Play page for Marvel Snap. On the left side of the screen, you should see an option to pre-register for the game. Click on the button while youre already signed into your Google account.