Batman's Top 10 Animated Versions, Ranked

Batman's Top 10 Animated Versions, Ranked ...

Although there is always a debate about which live-action Batman served the character the best, these discussions often overlook all of the animated versions of the Caped Crusader that weve seen over the years. Every version of the character has its own distinctive character. Whether it's campy and silly, overly comic, or dark and gritty, all of them have highlighted different aspects of the character.

10.Batman Unlimited Series

The whole thing about Batman Unlimited and its titular character, however, is rather unconventional. They started out as wordless, three-minute programs that seemed to exist only to promote toy merchandise, then followed by three straight-to-DVD movies featuring this Batman.

9.The Batman (2004)

The Batman is a totally different story that ran on both Kids WB and Cartoon Network for five seasons. It's still worth watching to see how the character evolves into a complete Justice League show. Plus, this Batman gets to see Dracula in a follow-up film.

8.Young Justice (2010)

The Young Justices version of Batman includes the Dark Knight taking on a more prominent role as a mentor than usual. Yes, Batman teaches young children to become his crime-fighting sidekicks and now has about 15 Robins around him, but Young Justice initially placed Batman in charge of a family of unique youngsters determined to become superheroes. It's a role that suits Batman very well, but it does feature an all-time great exchange that proves the writers understand the Bat character and his young sidekicks

7.Batman Beyond (1999)

The desire for a live-action Batman will only grow stronger as Michael Keaton returns to the role of Bruce Wayne in 2039.

6.Batman: The Caped Crusaders' Return (2016)

Adam West has the unique ability to reprise the role of Batman in a full-length animated film. The following Batman vs. Two-Face was a campy, cheesy hoot that leaned into the character's overarching themes, which is a far cry from the dark, brooding, and depressing tone we typically see today. But even though this Batman might be more appropriate, West's animated portrayal underscores his loyalty to the character.

5.DC Animated Movie Universe

The DC Animated Movie Universe is a connected series of over fifteen films that are loosely based on New 52 storylines. We got to see this version of Batman deal with his personal father issues in The Flashpoint Paradox and experience a Hush comic adaptation. Whats more, this is a lot of major Batman stories.

4.Harley Quinn (2019)

Diedrich Bader receives little recognition for his Batman voice. His ebullient, gentle vocals always enliven the Bat with the appropriate amount of maturity, and the work he does on the Harley Quinn television show allows him to portray the straight man in a gleefully adult-rated world.

3.Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)

Baders voice acting skills are ideal for a stone-cold serious Batman, but he should be forever honored on the Bat Rushmore for his voice work in Batman: The Brave and The Bold. This show takes that notion and runs with it, portraying the character as a role model worthy of respect.

2.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

In The Lego Batman Movie, Will Arnett portrays Batman as an arrogant blowhard who knows his character is loved by millions of people and is constantly concerned about keeping his cool-guy charade. That's cool, because it's also fun to see a version that knew how important he was and played off the character of Batman in today's society.

1.Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Was there ever a competition? Yes, Kevin Conroys Batman is the finest animated Batman thanks in large part to the famous Batman: The Animated Series. His characterization, style, and tone can be seen in almost every animated Batman that followed him. He is so many things all at the same time, including heroic, stoic, dedicated, compassionate, funny, and scary, and he should always be in the running for the best Batman film of all time, whether animated or live-action.