Kyle and Deepti are still together following After the Altar? Kyle's recent comments don't exactly convince me

Kyle and Deepti are still together following After the Altar? Kyle's recent comments don't exactly c ...

Love Is Blind Season 2 After The Altar is getting a lot of spoilers, so beware. Get your metallic wine glasses ready and watch all three new episodes on Netflix before you read on.

After the addictive second season of Love Is Blind aired earlier this year, as per tradition, the Netflix dating show catches up with all couples since the weddings, and we discover that some episodes ended in actual marriages, while others ended in dramatic rejections. Are they still together? Im not convinced anyone this season got a happy conclusion due to Kyle's recent comments. Maybe love is blurry?

After After The Altar, both Iyanna and Jarrette and Danielle and Nick decided to call it quits, but the end of the new episodes revealed that Kyle and Deepti would take each other out of the best friend zone and actually date. However, Kyle's statements do not convince me of Love Is Blind's last hope at a permanent romance: he sounded somewhat uneasy:

Were always going to be like, super close. Were not really going to say where we are right now in our relationship. We just want to keep it between us because theres just so many rumors and so much speculation. We also just want to do it on our own time and decide where we will go with it. [When that time comes, we have] so much information that we want to share about each other.

Kyle Abrams answered a question about Bustle, saying, "My relationship with Love Is Blind is completely private." I've no choice but to continue the speculation, as I'm usually averse to this.

According to Kyle and Deeptis' social media posts, the pair are seemingly living entirely different lives, and the latter is teasing a book that will be released on Monday, September 19. One tweets: What if it doesnt work out? This suggests another breakup story rather than an engagement announcement.

According to how things have sprang out this season, the show is a bit of a blindspot when it comes to showing what actually goes on with its relationships. For example, in the reunion, Deepti revealed that Kyle regretted not proposing to her (one of the most important scenes from the Season 2 reunion special).

After watching the new trending Netflix program again, Love Is Blind makes me more skeptical about its dating experiment. At least two Season 1 couples are still going strong, but give us something real in Season 3 -- because After The Altar is making me sad.