Is FaZe Apex in the running? The slip of the tongue from Snop3down suggests that FaZe Clan might be entering ALGS competition

Is FaZe Apex in the running? The slip of the tongue from Snop3down suggests that FaZe Clan might be  ...

FaZe Clan's intentions of joining the proApex Legendsscene have been circulating for quite a while now. They also have several players who have played in the North Americas ALGS Pro League between NICKMERCS and Eric Snip3down Wrona.

The competitiveApexcommunity has been flooded with suggestions that FaZe might be considering a professional team following his recent stumble. TSMs Mac Albralelie Beckwith and SlurpeeG, who also participated in the ALGS Pro League last year

When Snip3down joined Albralelies' party before the FLL tournament, they played together under the team name ASSan, formed by the first initial of their three in-game handles, and Snip3down starts talking about FaZe Clan's coaching and research methods. Everything is fine with FaZe, according to Snip3down.

Im streaming, Snip3, Albralelie quick interjects, which stops the conversation almost immediately. Oh, Jesus Christ, Snip3down says, before laughter and awkward stops fill the air.

SlurpeeG going on the Discord call, hearing the laughter, and immediately assuming Albralelie and Snip3down had been laughing at him.

The trio will be renamed as the new FaZe ClanApexsquad. There are a few other indications that this may be the case outside of Snip3down's reference to speaking to FaZe Clan about his plans and Albralelie immediately deleting him, indicating that the discussion should have been public. For one, Team ASS has been competing consistently for over a month, and with the ALGS only weeks away, continuing to play together would not make much sense

The sleuths on the Competitive Apex subreddit have pointed out that there is still one invited team to the North Americas Pro League that is yet to be announced. All three players competed in the Pro League last year, and it would make sense for ALGS to grant them a spot if they were attempting to court an organization as big as FaZe.

Snip3down and SlurpeeG have reputations as two of North America's most experienced controller fraggers, while Albralelie is a consensus pick for one of North America's best all-around players. Still, if FaZe Clan wants to make it to pro Apex, this is the best free agent squad to do it with, short of buying out the contracts of Team Liquid. The ALGS Preseason qualifiers begin on October 8.