While promoting House Of The Dragon, Matt Smith did the weather forecast with Al Roker (But I can't stop staring at his shirt)

While promoting House Of The Dragon, Matt Smith did the weather forecast with Al Roker (But I can't  ...

Matt Smith and the hosts of Today had a different strategy when it came to promotion for a new film. He discussed his work on The Crown, his role in the Game of Thrones prequel, and his incredible sense of style. That last point was appropriate because, during the conversation, he was wearing an incredible black, purple, and blue shirt. He ended up being an unofficial anchor and weatherman on the morning newscast.

Smith plays the maniacal, conniving, devious, and corrupt Prince Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon, especially when he flies from his seat over to the weatherboard to do the day's forecast with Al Roker.

Matt got a chance to demonstrate some of his skills to @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb, and even showed off his weather with @alroker pic.twitter.com/ESYBOlMNIK September 15, 2022

The Doctor's ability to land the TARDIS accidentally at 30 Rock in the middle of a broadcast made me believe he was working there. Especially since not long before he revealed why his jobs were so difficult, Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie told him: "My job is to be happy."

We think you should do a job on the Today Show. You said that what we do every day is a flop.

The actor responded with:

I find it very hard to believe that you can just type in a text prompt every morning and that you do it every morning. I think it's quite a shambles.

Despite him saying he has bad eyes, they convinced him to read the teleprompter. He introduced Al Roker, whom he called a dude. And then he was instructed to go over to the weather screen, where he explained the forecast across the United States. Honestly, he killed it.

Matt Smith wore a purple, blue, and black loose-fitted shirt that resembled his purple tweed jacket from his final season as the time-lord in some of the greatest Doctor Who episodes. He can be seen bouncing around the universe in his tweed jacket, bow tie, and the occasional fez.

Matt Smith's today joke was a breath of fresh air and exemplifies what we've come to expect from him on TV, particularly if you're currently watching House of the Dragon. Even the prequel, which includes him and Milly Alcock, can be a lot of work for the principal actors and the extras. (It was also a lot to watch as a viewer.)

Matt Smith's press appearances are fantastic because they remind me of how funny and funny he is. It also shows me how great he is at his job, since every time I see a new episode of House of the Dragon, I forget about him and only see him as Daemon and the rest of the Targaryen family in new episodes of HBO every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.