Jeff Probst Reveals Two Major Twists That Will Not Be Resurrected This Season of Survivor

Jeff Probst Reveals Two Major Twists That Will Not Be Resurrected This Season of Survivor ...

After a 16-month post-pandemic hiatus, Survivor returned to television in a fresh twist-tastic era: A 26-day game, more diverse casting, and smaller tribes werent even part of it. But when Season 43 premieres Wednesday, September 21 (at 8/7c on CBS), viewers and its castaways will be in for some major changes.

While host Jeff Probst has been very clear about which aspects of this new era will be sticking with the shorter game, small tribes, risk/reward dilemmas, and shooting in the dark, he has put the kibosh on one of Survivor history's most controversial twists, the hourglass.

Probst revealed to EW what you wont see inSurvivor43: Change History and Do or Die.

The players were split into two teams just before the merger, and were told that the winners would automatically receive immunity, while the losers would have to compete in an individual immunity challenge, after which one of them would be voted out. If Erika Casupanan struck an hourglass with a hammer, the results would be reversed. (In a move that shocked no one, she shattered the whole thing.)

Theodore Roosevelt has indicated that he is not a fan of pop culture.

When we chatted with McCray after his departure, he said, "This is what's happening, right?" I understand that when you go out there and say, Hey man, this is what's happening, like the Do or Die twist, then I'll accept that. However, when you are the person who says, Work hard, dig hard, and then you earn everything, it's just to not earn it.

In Season 42, the hourglass twist reappeared. Rocksroy Bailey chose to accept Jeff's offer, and Lydia Meredith became the unlucky castaway to discover the rug was pulled out of her.

Deshawn Radden and Lindsay Dolashewich were forced to choose the one box out of three that would keep them safe in both capacities. Both players survived the night.

Probst did state that twists will come and go as the show sees fit, and I for one, joins in the cheers that are roiling throughout the fanbase.

I can already hear some fans joking, and others claiming that we accepted criticism, which he said. We love fan feedback, and the feedback on Change History was fantastic. People either loved it or hated it, but not one person said, "I could take it or leave it." And with Do or Die, the drama was captivating, but we also felt that it was one less thing to put on the shelf for the time being.

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