Tyler1 is considering a break from League of Legends

Tyler1 is considering a break from League of Legends ...

Tyler1 is one of Twitch's most popular content creators, known for playing League of Legends day in and day out. But after a long week of League games ruined by players intentionally losing his games, Tyler1 says he will not be able to do it again unless something changes.

Tyler1 has dropped from averaging between 11 and 14 hour-long broadcasts to a mere six-hour-long stream. Tyler1 finds it hard to deal with wintraders who intentionally lose his matches.

This is the last week of the dogshit fucking week. Hopefully, I will get an interview this weekend, and I may be able to record a little video about wintrading or whatever, please. Because this shit is not sustainable, I cannot do this, its impossible. I cannot play these games, Tyler1 said. This is probably the worst it's been since I didn't know when.

The Twitchstar's situation, despite it being bleak and unsustainable, does have a solution. He just needs Riot Games' help.

The thing that makes it so annoying is that it's like there's a solution. Tyler1 continued: "It just takes Riot to ban the guys in my games that are betting."

Tyler1 has not made any further comments regarding whether or not he intends to take a break from League, but from the outcry at the end of his most recent broadcast, it appears that something must change for the 27-year-old.