Brittany gave up on Big Brother 24? (day 74)

Brittany gave up on Big Brother 24? (day 74) ...

This afternoon in the Big Brother 24house, everything is quite calm, but is there scope for some intrigue beneath the surface? There is definitely room for discussion here!

What are our starting points? The best possible play is to note where things stand at present with the vote. It seems like Monte, who won the Power of Veto, is still going to vote Brittany out of the game. Its true that he has a better chance of beating Turner in the final two.

1)Brittany would take Taylor 100% over Monte to the final two, and even if she does promise otherwise, he wouldnt believe here.

2)Brittany might have a good shot in the final Head of Household competitions, especially if there is a memory component.

Brittany admitted that she was just about ready to give up yesterday; however, she has since recovered to the game today. (Given that the houseguests received messages from home yesterday, there was a little bit of emotion mixed up in everything.)

Brittany said she will continue to fight and she wants to be a part of the final three, mostly so she can gain experience. While we don't believe she'll be able to win, it's been abundantly clear for a while that she'll be content with second place because to the money she'll get to start a family.

Monte will need a heck of an argument for him to change his mind about all of the promises that he has already given Turner and Montes general conversations in general. Taylor may try to do more, but she and Monte are now stumbling on a lot of more personal topics outside of the game. Will he be able to separate personal and game conversations as their relationship develops?