Marg Helgenberger's big comeback for CSI: Vegas season 2 is spoiler

Marg Helgenberger's big comeback for CSI: Vegas season 2 is spoiler ...

On October 29, CBS will release CSI: Vegasseason 2 on the spot. After all, Marg Helgenberger is back!

Catherine Willows will be back in this world for those who like the flagshipCSI. Sure, there may be some disappointment over the departures of Grissom and Sara, but from this perspective, we just are grateful that someone from the original show is still alive. Of course, there are other big questions, including why would she return to this world after so much time away?

Here is some of what Helgenberger had to say in a recent TV Insider interview on the subject:

I had a big question: Why would Catherine return after all these years in a hard job? I suggested it to [executive producer Jason Tracey], who had already thought of how to bring her back in, and we connected our two ideas.

Catherine had a scholarship program, and a young lady was selected to join the CSI team. One of the things I'm most proud of about whatCSI achieved in its long run was the impact it had on women entering the field of forensic science.

Catherines big comeback will have a lot to do with both a casino and her father, so there's a lot of background included in her big comeback. In terms of the format, we'd expect that the new season will be somewhat similar to season 1 in terms of content.