The cast and crew of "Biosphere" discuss why you should know as little as possible before seeing it | TIFF 2022

The cast and crew of "Biosphere" discuss why you should know as little as possible before seeing it  ...

A late addition to the Toronto International Film Festival sparked everybody's interest. Biosphere, a sci-fi comedy written by the Duplass brothers, was immediately added to the program schedule, and director Mel Eslyn explained why Biosphere was kept a secret.

Biosphere's plot is kept under wraps, but we do know that it is set in a distant future, and it is centered around two men. In fact, the two men are the last survivors of something that wiped out humanity. The duo now has to put their heads together, adapt, and evolve if they want to give the human species another chance.

Eslyn talked about her first experience directing, the overwhelming support she received from the cast and crew, why they each wanted to make the film, Super Mario Bros., future projects, This is Us, and more.

To learn more about Biosphere and its creators, click here.

  • The movies late addition to the TIFF lineup;
  • Why you should go into the movie not knowing much about it;
  • Director Mel Eslyn describes the movie in broad strokes;
  • Sterling K. Brown reveals what drew him to this project;
  • Mark Duplass cheers on Eslyns career;
  • Eslyn breaks down how they make the most out of a low-budget film;
  • Producer Zackary Drucker offers high praise for the cast and director;
  • The group dances around spoilers and tries not to crack up;
  • Mark Duplass reveals you cant have a serious movie without a Super Mario Bros. argument;
  • Brown reminisces about the hit drama series This is Us and its legacy;
  • Duplass reveals hed to a thousand more episodes of the TV series Room 104;
  • Drucker teases his next HBO series The Stroll, centered around the trans community in the Meatpacking District;
  • The group talks about projects that they love;
  • Duplass reveals how The Karate Kid earned him one year of free movie viewings.

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