She-Hulk Proves There's Room for Lower Stakes in the MCU

She-Hulk Proves There's Room for Lower Stakes in the MCU ...

She-Hulk spoilers are included in the following editor's note.

The nine-episode series She-Hulk: Attorney at Laws has officially crossed its halfway point. Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) share a humorous journey through her personal life, the courtroom, and her newfound superpowers. Having crossed the halfway point, it is a pretty safe bet that the show will not suddenly veer away from its modest concerns and into an end-of-the-world multicolor beam battle that has the potential to

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's main narratives are dominated by world-changing or reality-altering themes. For the most part, the Disney+ MCU series' narratives remain consistent with this approach: WandaVision concludes with a reality-altering conclusion, Moon Knight discusses the afterlife's implications, and so on. Even Hawkeye, typically considered the smallest-scale series so far, deals with the consequences of The Avengers' worldview.

She-Hulk is adamantly investigating the drama of everyday life.

Instead, She-Hulk is content to consider the little things that impede Jennifer's daily existence. In Episode 2, Superhuman Law, Jennifer tries not to stand out too much at her new job. Episode 4, Is This Not Real Magic? follows Jennifer through the modern dating scene. These minute conflicts appear to be building blocks for a doomsday threat in the seasons final episode, but they are not like a handful of chess pieces moving towards an intergalactic conclusion.

She-Hulk Reversals Audience Expectations From Episode 1

She-Hulk subverts audience expectations from the first episode. When Jennifer and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) get into a car accident, it would appear like the show would be headed towards another intergalactic conflict of epic proportions. Yet, Bruce (as Smart Hulk) jumps off into space on a Sakaarian ship in the second episode, allowing the series to concentrate on Jennifers daily life on a smaller scale.

Even the series' antagonists help to keep the series' stakes low. Titania, who one might assume would be She-Hulk's arch nemesis after her appearance in the shows pilot, ends up being a mostly useless legal opponent. Poeg Okeef, a shape-shifting elf, only exists to set up a funny Megan Thee Stallion cameo.

She-Hulk retains the MCU's comic flair, colorful aesthetic, and reverence for superheroism throughout its evolution. Despite the show's meta fourth wall-breaking, she never loses sight of the superheroes at its core.