New questions about the premiere date for Power Book II: Ghost season 3

New questions about the premiere date for Power Book II: Ghost season 3 ...

a lot of people out there believe that aPower Book II: Ghostseason 2 will be released as soon as humanly possible. However, are there reasons to reconsider whether or not we should get that soon?

First and foremost, let's clarify the background for this story:Step Up's new season will premiere on Sunday, October 16. Between this program,Power Book III: Raising Kanan, The Serpent Queen, and the BMF Documentary, things appear to be going to get progressively more complicated in the next several months for the network. What does it all mean for the Michael Rainey Jr. series?

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What this means forStep Upmeans is that we might still be a little bit out of Ghostcoming on the air this year, but not necessarily so far away that the show will not return this year. That would leave a hole in the schedule for Book II to eventually fill, though.

Personally, we believe that at some point in November, you will see Ghostback on the air, and it will take a lot of effort to convince us otherwise. This just feels like the type of program that works perfect for them to conclude the year, particularly since fall/early winter is a key time for television viewing and this is one of the most popular shows in the whole fall universe.