Why did Sam Raimi make 'Evil Dead' twice?

Why did Sam Raimi make 'Evil Dead' twice? ...

When viewed in a sequence, the first two films of the Evil Dead franchise can be a little strange. This has caused many fans to be confused over the years and prompted debates. Is Evil Dead 2 a sequel or a remake? The answer to both.

Bruce Campbell's novel is re-written for several reasons. The reason is because to the peculiar similarities in Sam Raimi's acting.

What Is the First 'The Evil Dead' About?

The Evil Dead, a 1981 film, was an incredible achievement in its own right, and was a triumph in independent filmmaking. It was experimental, it was wacky, and yet, on its opening night, a ten thousand people gathered to see it. It was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival in 1982.

Raimi's presence was remarkable, as Stephen King was invited to watch The Evil Deads at Cannes and voted it one of his top five favorite horror films in an interview with USA Today. This rave review resulted in a surge in popularity for critics and customers who would otherwise have dismissed it as a low-budget thriller.

The Evil Dead performed admirably at the box office, but it did not establish Raimi as a prolific filmmaker. Six years later, with Raimi's career on the rocks and his latest film, Crimewave, a box office smash, he created the sequel that would literally launch his career into stardom.

Why Make 'Evil Dead 2'?

Evil Dead 2 was initially created out of sheer despair, since Raimi knew another flop like Crimewave would destroy his already fragile career. With this premise, Stephen King contacted industry behemoth Dino de Laurentiis and convinced him to finance it.

Evil Dead 2 was born, with ten times the budget of the first film and a larger, more experienced crew. Normally, such an anticipated sequel would be a recipe for disaster, but Raimi managed to transform it into something that was equally as fantastic as its predecessor. The project benefited from the pre-existing mythology, sinister cabin-in-the-woods trope, and bizarre camerawork that was lauded from the start.

Raimi decided to reshoot his own version of the first film due to time and money constraints. Betsy Baker, an actress who played Linda, was unable to get pregnant at the time of filming.

Ash has returned to the cabin with a new girlfriend in the sequel, either forgetting any of the previous events, or somehow being forced to return. Linda is possessed and transformed into a Deadite, and when Linda is turned, Ash is forced to decapitate her and bury her alive.

How Should I Watch the Two Movies?

After watching the film, it's easy to conclude that Ash was simply stupid enough to return. Or that Raimi had decided to make a remake rather than a true sequel. Campbell states that the best strategy is to finish The Evil Dead to the point where Ash is about to be attacked by a demonic entity, and begin at the sequence where Ash is being thrown into the air and lands in a puddle of mud.

The rest of Evil Dead 2 follows a similar plot to the original, in which a group of people are tormented by Deadites as per de Laurentiis' request. Nevertheless, the sequel is vastly different from the first. He goes deeper into the Deadites' history through archeologist Raymond Knowbys research. Ash's transformation from a timid everydayman to a boomstick-wielding badass

The Evil Dead 2 sequel, remake, or re-release is simply phenomenal.