Is Demo Progress Carry Over in Wild Hearts?

Is Demo Progress Carry Over in Wild Hearts? ...

As the sequel to Nintendo's Monster Hunter franchise, EA's Wild Hearts, is almost here, many players are unsure whether or not they can actually carry over their Wild Hearts progress. Today we'll explain if you may indeed be able to carry over your Wild Hearts progress!

Is Demo Progress Carrying Over in Wild Hearts?

Firstly, many of you readers may be wondering where you can find the Wild Hearts demo that we're talking about. Unfortunately for many of you, it won't be available just in a digital storefront via your gaming platform. You'll have to pay some cold hard money in order to obtain it.

To be eligible for a free trial of Wild Hearts, you must be an EA Play subscriber. Several of EA's most recent titles are available for up to 10 hours in one session. So this would not just be a demo, it would be the whole game that you'd have access to for a limited time.

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If you get the free trial of a game, you'll be able to continue from where you left off, which is available on all of EA's games that have free trials.

Something to keep in mind is that Xbox or PC players who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate receive an EA Play subscription as part of their membership. So, grab your copy of Wild Hearts, and you'll be able to play it on February 16, 2023.

Now you should have a much better idea about whether or not your Wild Hearts demo will be extended to the whole game! Be sure to follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook for all of the latest information and updates!