Is a Premiere Date at HBO for The Last of Us on the Way?

Is a Premiere Date at HBO for The Last of Us on the Way? ...

IsThe Last of Uson HBO the most anticipated premieres of all of 2023? For the moment, wed argue so, and that's quite remarkable given that no episodes have been broadcasted and weve only seen a fragment of footage to date. It's rare that a brand-new program can get this much attention, but there are reasons for it.

Take, for example, the presence of Chernobylalum Craig Zadan behind the scenes, or the fact that the premium-cable network has a tendency to be extremely cautious with their development process. Theyre unlikely to release something until they believe it to be a success; remember that this is a network that spent an enormous amount of money on aGame of Thronesprequel pilot that they canceled after the fact.

The interest also comes from the fact that the video-game series has been a smash hit, to the extent that PlayStation recently released a remake of the first part of the series, even though the original was actually not that old. Yet, a lot of people still purchased it.

As we enter the new year, we know already that The Last of Us will be included in the networks 2023 Emmy nominations; with that in mind, it may be released before the end of May. Personally, we would like it to premiere as early as January given that production has been done for a while; out of HBOs 2023 premieres, we have seen it get more recognition than the likes of Perry Mason, The Gilded Age, andSuccession.