Modern Warfare 2's Play Skill Rating, Skill Divisions, and Ranks are explained

Modern Warfare 2's Play Skill Rating, Skill Divisions, and Ranks are explained ...

With the Season 2 update, Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play will be available, so here's all you need to know about the competitive mode's format, including Skill Rating, Skills Division, and Ranks.

As Season 2 of Ranked Play, Modern Warfare 2 players will finally be able to enjoy the competitive Call of Duty experience.

Although the CDL Moshpit playlist provided a taste of what a competitive Modern Warfare 2 experience would be like, it was void of some classic Ranked Play features.

Ranked Play will allow Modern Warfare 2 players to climb up the Ranks and progress through the Skill Divisions, earning SR.

We'll explain everything you need to know about Modern Warfare 2's Ranking, as well as Skill Divisions, Skill Rating, and Ranks.

  • All Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Skill Divisions
  • How to earn Skill Rating in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play: SR explained
  • What are Ranks in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play?

Play Skill Divisions in Modern Warfare 2 are ranked.

The following eight Skill Divisions will be included in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play:

  • Bronze0-899 SR – (Bronze)
  • Silver900-2,099 SR – (Silver)
  • Gold2,100-3,599 SR – (Gold)
  • Platinum3,600-5,399 SR – (Green)
  • Diamond5,400-7,499 SR – (Blue)
  • Crimson7,500-9,999 SR – (Red)
  • Iridescent10,000 SR minimum – (Purple)
  • Top 25010,000+ SR – (Gold skull)

Players are placed in one of eight Skills Divisions in Modern Warfare 2's Ranked Play. These Skills Divisions will categorize players according to performance.

As you progress through grinding Ranked Play matches, you'll have the chance to climb up the Skill Divisions. However, the danger of falling down a Division due to poor performance also looms large.

At the start of their Ranked Play journey, every player will start in the Bronze Division, eliminating the need for placementmatches. Each Division below Iridescent has three tiers which will indicate your progress within a tier. Once you've passed all three tiers, you'll earn a promotion.

Players will want to go all the way to the Iridescent Skill Division. If you want a real challenge, you should go to the Top 250 Division in Modern Warfare 2. This is the most exclusive Division in the game's Ranked Play, featuring some world-class players.

SR explained how to earn a Skill Rating in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play.

Players in Modern Warfare 2 will gain or lose Skill Ratings based on their performance in Ranked Play matches. The SR number assigned to each player will change after each match.

Your SR is directly related to your Skill Division. While the Skill Division is a visual representation of your skill, your SR is the quantity you want to see rise after a match. If your SR increases, you'll be promoted to a new Skill Division.

In the table above, you can find the SR required to enter each Skill Division.

Winning will increase your Skill Rating, while losing will decrease your assigned SR number. The amount of SR gained after a match will be influenced by the outcome of the match as well as individual and team performance.

What are the meanings of Modern Warfare 2's play?

In Modern Warfare 2, Ranks are a form of bragging rights separate from Skills Divisions. Unlike your Skill Rating, Ranks will not be reset at the start of a new season.

Every player starts at Rank 1, and every player will rise up the ranks as they progress through Modern Warfare 2's Ranked Play and win matches.

Players can climb the ranks of Modern Warfare 2 by earning Stars. Each win in the game's Ranked Play will reward players with one Star.

Every 5 Ranks, players will receive a new Rank icon. Players from Bronze to Iridescent can reach the top Rank as SR has no influence on your Rank. The dragon icon that awaits players at Rank 50 is the ultimate flex.

Players will earn exclusive Ranked Play rewards by increasing the ranks. Two skins await players at Rank 5 and Rank 50, so get back to racking up Ranked Play victories with the best Ranked Play loadouts.

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