A New Release Date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has Been Announced | Everything We Know

A New Release Date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has Been Announced | Everything We Know ...

Respawn Entertainment's first venture into 3rd-person action in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a much-anticipated sequel to the highly successful Jedi: Fallen Order from 2019. After much anticipation, publisher EA finally released the first trailer for the upcoming game. Here's all we know so far.

With the release of Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn Entertainment, famous for its first-person shooters Apex Legends and Titanfall, the gaming world was caught off guard. So, naturally a sequel was inevitable: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the name of the sequel, continuing the "Jedi" brand of games after the first release.

Fallen Order is one of the greatest Star Wars games and action games of recent years, reminding us a lot of the same feelings we experienced when we played Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy many years ago. Here's where the sequel might come in and enthuse fans. As we just got some interesting insights on the specific date, here are some preliminary information.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's release date has only been set for 2023, and nothing more concrete has been revealed yet. That might be anything, but leakers and insiders have stated, that the game would not have to wait too long for it to be released. Here is why that month appears to be a solid lead:

  • Leak at Sony: The game showed up in a PlayStation database entry, which had the March 2023 date in it.
  • Releases of related books: A prequel book called Star Wars Battle Scars has been announced with a release date on March 7, 2023. The official artbook for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is set for a release on May 2. Fans have understandably concluded, that the game has to come out around the same time as the books that are related to it.
  • Reports by reliable insider: The leaker and reporter Jeff Grubb, who has a great reputation in the industry, stoked the fires by supporting the speculation surrounding the Jedi: Survivor tie-in books. He claimed, that the game will come out in the same month as the novel Battle Scars a which would be in March.

We have to emphasize, that this is still just speculation, even if it sounds reasonable and plausible. Nothing will be confirmed and certain as long as EA and Respawn do not announce the release date.

How The Jedi's Story Continues: Cal Kestis' Story

Survivor is set to be a direct sequel to Fallen Order, set five years after the first games' events. The first "Jedi" game took place five years after "Revenge of the Sith" and was mostly centered around a bunch of new characters from the Star Wars universe: you play as Cal Kestis, a young Padawan persecuted by a group of Sith trained by Darth Vader. Together with the rebels Cere Junda and Greez Drit

The sequel will be released many years after the events of Fallen Order. Cal and his friends are still being hunted by the empire and are on the run. Many more details have not been disclosed yet, as EA only provided a brief description of the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has had only a minor teaser trailer, which shows a significantly darker atmosphere than in the previous game. This is the game's mood setter, and it's a pretty bad one. Let's see if this will be the final tone of the finished game.

The teaser is only CG and is the only thing we have seen so far from the game. Gameplay hasn't been shown yet, so we don't know how Jedi: Survivor will play. We don't expect that the developers will deviate too far from the core gameplay loop of the first game. However, we'll have to wait and see.

Will Jedi: Survivor Be Next-Gen Only?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and it will be next-gen exclusive. Last-gen consoles will be left out, which is a shame for those who haven't yet upgraded to a next-gen console or PC.

So far, that's all we know about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. We'll keep you updated as soon as we know more about the game.

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