Pokemon lovers are worried that there will never be a new Legends game anytime soon

Pokemon lovers are worried that there will never be a new Legends game anytime soon ...

Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a breath of fresh air for the franchise, yet there have been no indications of a possible sequel since its release. Fans are now unsure if they'll ever see one.

Arceus introduced players to a completely different way of playing Pokemon games, with less emphasis on battles and Gyms, and a lot to do with exploration and the study of Pokemon.

Fans are unsure if they'll ever see another Pokemon Legends game more than a year later.

The possibility of a second Pokemon Legends game

Yamchii, a Reddit user, asked other users what they thought of the possibility of a new series: “I have seen a lot of speculation, but I'm unsure if there is a possibility that we'll get another legends Arceus game.”

Many fans are unsure whether or not a definitive answer will be forthcoming. “I think Game Freak would not just postpone the idea forever, maybe it will happen soon, but someday,” said one Reddit user.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were the most successful-selling game in the Pokemon Legends franchise until Scarlet and Violet were launched. In just under three months, the game sold a total of 20.61 million copies.

Several fans argue that this discrepancy is enough reason not to pursue the development of a sequel.

Despite the fact that mainline Pokemon games are dual-releases, most gamers prefer collectors who want both versions of the game. When it comes to this sort of purchase, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company consider revenue to be the most important factor.

The Pokemon franchise's future

Others have maintained their hopes and wish to see another Pokemon Legends game in the near future. “I want a Legends Johto and a Unova game. That would be fantastic,” said one Reddit user.

Every Pokemon mainline game introduced a new generation of Pokemon and a completely new region with special characteristics and intricate lore that might be further explored in new storylines. Unova ranks high as one of the favorite regions and would be an interesting setting for a new Pokemon Legends game.

Others are wondering if Game Freak would continue to develop classic franchise remakes. The last one, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl, sold a couple of thousand units more than Legends: Arceus, which can be regarded as a success.

Fans anticipate some interesting information during this year's Pokemon Day, which will be commemorated on February 27. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are expected to receive some DLC, but the rest of the franchise is kept under wraps.

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