Modern Warfare 2 has every weapon

Modern Warfare 2 has every weapon ...

Here are some of the most anticipated weapons from Modern Warfare 2. These are based on what we saw in the beta. There's a lot to look forward to.

If you revisit Modern Warfare 2019, you'll be surprised at how amazing these weapons were. It's something Infinity Ward has always been known for. Regardless of what someone may say about the TTK, the doors, and the maps (please mention they've improved the maps), you can rest assured they've got some great weapons in the game.

Every weapon you unlock will come with a number of receivers that will modify the caliber of the weapon and effectively make it a whole new weapon due to the Gunsmith's new workflow. Thus, each weapon you unlock represents a "family" of different weapons you can potentially build in the Gunsmith.

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Every Weapon In Modern Warfare 2

Here are the names of the weapons in MW2, in order of class. All of these weapons have been given fictional names, so Activision do not have to pay for the official licenses, so we've included the name of the weapon they're trying to represent in brackets.

Because it is a slower game that prefers pre-aiming over aggressive SMG play, Assault Rifles will be quite powerful in this game. Here are the ARs in MW2:

  • Lachman-556 (HK33)
  • M4
  • M16
  • Kastov 74-U (AK-74)
  • TAQ-56 (SCAR-L)

In MW2, Battle Rifles are a whole new category of weapon, which are basically a cross between ARs and marksman rifles (which are also still there). Here they are:

  • FTAC Recon (the M4 in a higher caliber)
  • Lachman 762 (G3)

For the reasons we explained above, SMGs aren't as powerful in this game; it's simply a slower-paced game than the previous few years.

  • Lachman Sub (MP5)
  • FSS Hurricane (this is an M4 with a bizarre conversion to accept P90-style mags)
  • Fennec 45 (Vector)

We've seen only one shotgun so far, and it doesn't appear to be broken, but we'll see how it performs with all of the best attachments.

  • Expedite 12 (Benelli M4)

The LMGs are likely to be a bit more popular than they have been in previous years in CoD, but not by much. At least, these LMGs do not seem too powerful:

  • 556 Icarus (the M4 with a conversion to a belt-fed receiver)
  • RAPP H (HK21)
  • SAKIN MG38 (M249)

Combining Marksman Rifles and Battle Rifles might seem excessive, but these weapons are actually closer to snipers, while the actual sniper class in MW2 is reserved for the beefy anti-material rifles.

  • LM-S (PSG-1)
  • Lockwood MK2 (Marlin 30-30, just like the old MK2 from MW2019)

These are the classic,.50 caliber monsters that should one-shot people, no matter where you hit them:

  • Signal 50 (GM6 Lynx)

The pistols are often used a lot because they're the only thing you can use while doing new skills like swimming or ledge-hanging. Thankfully, they're fairly weak:

  • X12 (Glock 17
  • X13 Auto (Glock 18)

Und, last but not least, the reappearance of a couple of older launchers:

  • PILA (Mk. 153)
  • JOKR (Javelin)

This is all there is to say about Modern Warfare 2. If you want to try some of these weapons out for yourself, you can register for the beta here. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the whole release of the game.