Mobile How to Hip-Fire in CoD Best loadout, tips, and tricks

Mobile How to Hip-Fire in CoD Best loadout, tips, and tricks ...

Learn to hip-fire is an extremely useful skill in Call of Duty: Mobile, whether you're learning to close-range gunfights or are learning to complete weapon challenges. Here's how to hip-fire in CoD: Mobile, as well as tips and tricks for increasing accuracy.

Hip-firing is an extremely versatile weapon in a Call of Duty: Mobile player's arsenal, whether it be to dominate small maps or to complete various camo challenges for weapons.

In CoD: Mobile, there are certain parameters you must adopt to hip-fire, and then you need the finest attachments to be as accurate as possible.

We've got everything you need, including some tips and tricks to make hip-firing as enjoyable as possible.

  • How to hip-fire in CoD: Mobile
  • Best hip-fire attachments in CoD: Mobile
  • CoD: Mobile hip-fire accuracy tips & tricks

How to Hack-fire in CoD: Mobile

You must use the Advanced control scheme to hip-fire in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 and beyond.

Follow these steps to add the hip-fire button to CoD Mobile:

In CoD: Mobile, the best hip-fire attachments

If you're planning a hip-fire loadout, you need weapons that are both quick and accurate. The perfect attachment to use is a Laser, because it increases both accuracy and sprint-to-fire time.

Here are the best hip-firing attachments for CoD: Mobile: using the RUS-79U as an example.

  • Muzzle: MIP Light Flash Guard
  • Barrel: OWC Marksman
  • Perk: Wild Hip Fire
  • Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Extended Mag

We've chosen the MIP Light Flash Guard for this hip-fire loadout because it reduces hip fire bullet dissemination by 7.2 percent. The OWC Marksman barrel helps increase range and recoil control, which is vital to staying on target.

The Wild Hip-Fire Perk and the MIP Laser 5mW significantly improve hip-fire accuracy. So you can stay mobile and focused. Then, the Laser significantly reduces the sprint to fire delay by 25%.

And, of course, the 50-round Extended Mag gives you even more shots per magazine, and you don't have to worry about the ADS speed delay.

CoD: Mobile hip-fire advice & tricks

There are steps you can do to increase your odds of landing hip-fire eliminations now that you have hip-fire selected and the best loadout.

The first recommendation is to play on small maps, such as Shipment or Shoot House. Much of the combat will be close-range in nature, allowing hip-fire to shine.

If you're on a larger map, stick to the indoors and only try to tackle fights up close.

Strafe-shooting and staying mobile are two things you should do to improve your chances of using hip-fire. However, enemies will likely strike you if you stand still. If you shoot side to side while they struggle to follow you, you'll be 100% accurate with hip-fire.

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