Best Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 | Tier-Ranking Every Gun

Best Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 | Tier-Ranking Every Gun ...

Modern Warfare 2 is bursting with fantastic weapons, they look amazing, and the animations are superb. But let's get to the real issue: which weapons are there in MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 is a shooter, and so clearly one of the most essential things you'll need to achieve your goals will be the weapon you use. No, you're not allowed to use the M4 in most situations... and also still some trash of course.

Note: So far, we're only going to look at the weapons that have been shared publicly via the beta.

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S-Tier Weapons In MW2

With all of the currently available accessories, this is a fantastic AR. It might even be marginally better than the M4, but it's difficult to tell which one is.

It's your old M4, but Call of Duty always includes one assault rifle that's unlocked from the start that's going to be solidly meta and easy to use. In this game, it's the M4, although it's not as powerful as MW2019s M4.

Even with the 50-round drum mag on board, the MP5 looks to be the finest SMG available at the moment.

This is almost a flex-weapon, a hybrid AR/SMG that has the M4's stability and balance, but with the added mobility of an SMG, 50-rounds in the default magazine, and a decent TTK at close and mid-range.

The Signal 50 is the only sniper currently available, and it slaps. The aim-assist on this thing is solid, and it's mobility and handling aren't terrible for a sniper either.

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A-Tier Weapons In MW2

The new Vector is extremely powerful in close-range due to its crazy high rate-of-fire. It's more dangerous than the other close-range weapons we've seen so far because you burn through the magazine very quickly and the damage dropoff over range is substantial. So this one is better used as a secondary to an AR/BR/DMR.

This is a Call of Duty multiplayer LMG, meaning it's always going to be difficult to find its way into a Call of Duty multiplayer environment. However, it does have excellent recoil control, decent damage, and a fantastic rate-of-fire, so it's certainly the best LMG.

As you begin to add accessories, this becomes one of the finest mid-to long-range weapons. Especially when you acquire big enough mags and sufficient recoil control to use it full-auto.

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B-Tier Weapons In MW2

This rifle is classified as an AR, but it is an SMG for all intents and purposes. It's not as striking as the BOCW 74u due to the intense visual recoil and kick, but the TTK definitely puts this weapon in the B-Tier.

It will one-shot people within five meters fairly reliably, which is exactly what you want from a shotgun, but follow-up shots aren't quick, and the damage beyond five meters is devastating.

Think of this as the more-mobile/lower-TTK LMG. It's feasible, but there are just so many better options, and if you want to use an LMG in particular, use the RAPP H.

C-Tier Weapons In MW2

This isn't the OG Modern Warfare M16; you'll not kill people with a single burst, which puts it in stark contrast to other ARs. And while this weapon may be more effective at long-range, you might as well use the more powerful FTAC Recon.

This is at the other end of the spectrum. It's very heavy and very slow. So while it does have good damage, you'll likely not even have shouldered the weapon before you get outgunned.

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D-Tier Weapons In MW2

The MK2 has good damage, but you must rechamber a round after each shot. If you don't always hit the target, you're as good as dead. It's simply not a good weapon for those little maps.

What do you think of Modern Warfare 2's current rankings? Is it a meta-weapon? Let us know in the comments.

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