After misleading CoD 2023 information, Modern Warfare 2 players want cosmetic refunds

After misleading CoD 2023 information, Modern Warfare 2 players want cosmetic refunds ...

Several Modern Warfare 2 players are requesting that the developers refund their purchased cosmetic purchases, following reports that a new Call of Duty game might be released later in 2023.

Modern Warfare 2 is expected to offer a ton of new content in Season 2, but many players have shifted their attention to the leak, which suggests that CoD 2023 will be a brand-new premium release.

This has divided opinion among community members, since it was previously reported that CoD 2023 would be a second year of Modern Warfare 2. Now, many fans are venting their displeasure over the cosmetics they bought in the game.

'McTheoran', a Reddit user, explained in a post on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit that they purchased cosmetics in the hope that this game would remain the most popular title for two years. However, these cosmetic items will probably not be carried over to the new game.

"There was talk that this would be a 2-year COD, with no 'premium release' in 2023, but that was false." It's troubling because SO many influential leaders and streamers said there would not be a single.

Many players in the thread agreed with the Redditor's views on in-game cosmetics refunds. One user commented: "I figured I would get my money's worth this time with the two-year cycle."

Another user stated that they purchased the $100 version because they believed the two-year life cycle would make MW2 the "biggest Call of Duty" title.

One player responded to this by saying: "The fact that they allowed everyone to run with it, and how certain the leakers appeared," says to me that IW/Activision had no problem with us thinking that.

None of the cosmetic items from the first Warzone 2 game passed over, and this is usually the case when a new CoD game is released. It remains to be seen how the developers will respond to these suggestions.

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