The goal of the American Horror Story season 11 premiere date

The goal of the American Horror Story season 11 premiere date ...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have more information on American Horror Storyseason 11 in the near future, including a premiere date? 100%! However, FX appears right now that it's fine with making us wait, and this brings us to a very important question: why does it make sense for the cable network to keep so much from us for the time being?

We think that this topic deserves a little bit of a longer discussion within this piece. Go ahead and read further!

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First things first, we are certain that FX is familiar with the phrase "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" and that the anticipation is serving as press for the upcoming season in some ways as much as anything that they have right now. If they arent airing the new season until October, why rush it? They are most likely thinking that they can unveil a new season and get people excited in a short amount of time.

Is this last-minute advertising for a (presumed) October premiere really the smart move? This is why we think it's a risky move. If something is successful, or goes viral, we 100% agree. You run the risk that viewers might not realize that the show is now on the air.

Whatever is happening here, we sure hope that it will be worthwhile; you may see the link here to learn more about some of the current theories.

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