Despite a delay affecting Western Europe's Dota 2 qualifiers for TI11, the Entity remains undefeated

Despite a delay affecting Western Europe's Dota 2 qualifiers for TI11, the Entity remains undefeated ...

Western Europes qualifying for the International 2022 may have played a major role, but that didn't stop Entity from enlisting anyone and everyone who stood in their path to Dota 2's biggest stage.

Alliance? Bodied. Team Liquid? Destroyed. Team Secret? Double eliminated in a 5-0 matchup that saw only one game go over 40 minutes. That is the level of dominance Entity showed during these qualifiers, as the young guns went undefeated and punched their ticket to TI11.


Technical issues, server issues, and long waits between matches may have harmed the outcome of several series. This included the third game between Into the Breach and Secret being postponed a day, which did not help much in the end.

"Servers are fine, don't worry," says the host.

zai and Resolut1on even joked that neither team should use ultimates since the servers had reliably demonstrated they couldnt handle them.

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lag or server issues arose throughout the event, with goonsquad, Liquid, and other teams indicating that their teams also suffered during the qualification rounds.

These issues were openly discussed with Valve and PGL administrators in hopes of resolving something or finding a workaround that never happened.

After this wcyd, there was no response.

In fact, Entitys manager Noah Th3ReaLJP Eigenheer confirmed that Valve had let Secret and Entity know that the finals would be played on WEU Luxembourg servers in an effort to avoid any issues Liquid and Secret encountered when jumping between other EU and RU servers. This was successful, and the performance was superior to the previous round.

Entity appeared to have their number from the start, claiming a 2-0 advantage over a Puppy-led team that appeared to be exhausted after nearly 12 hours of competition. That third game was the only somewhat-competitive entry in the finals, but Secret did not hold a single advantage after the nine-minute mark.

Although some say success is not a destination, but the people you meet, the experiences you've acquired, and the journey along the way, WHO THE FUCK CARES is

If the current level of play is anything to go by, Entity was clearly the favorite and probably would have won the qualifiers regardless of server issues, but this is another poor showing from Valve and PGL in terms of hosting impactful matches online.


Both Liquid and Secret are still a possibility to qualify for the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier, which will feature the 12 second and third place teams from each regions individual qualifier on October 8 to 12.

Puppey will keep his TI attendance record alive if Secret can recapture some of its LAN magic again in 2011. He is still the only player to have won the original TI with NAVI back in 2011 and he plans to continue that tradition with a chance to improve on his previous TI10 third-place finish.