Uh oh! Another Square Enix mobile game is being phased out

Uh oh! Another Square Enix mobile game is being phased out ...

Echoes of Mana, a mobile game spin-off from the famous JRPG franchise, will be phased out on May 15, following a year of Square Enix mobile game cancellations.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Deus Ex Go, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes, and Arena Battle Champions have all been shut down in recent years, while the Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai's end of service came just a few weeks ago.

The recent Square Enix financial report that showed declining sales suggests that the company's mobile initiatives are likely to have a negative impact.

When does Echoes of Mana's end-of-service date occur?

Echoes of Mana will be shut down on May 15, 2023. The game was released in April last year, so its end of service is expected to come in the following year. Check out the teaser below.

Here's a timeline for Echoes of Mana's shutdown:

  • The official announcement regarding the end of app service

2023/2/13 6:00 (UTC)

  • Sale of Spirit Crystals ending

2023/2/13 6:00 (UTC) – you may continue to use the spirit crystals that you currently have until the end of the app service.

  • End of App Service

In-game events will be continuously updated until the end of the app service, according to 2023/5/15 6:00 (UTC).

Now are sad times for any big Mana fans, but this is a worrying trend within Square Enix's mobile game division. Check out the latest SE spookfest, Paranormasight, at the same time.