Robyn Lively's Cameo Is the Best 'Karate Kid' Tie-in Ever on 'Cobra Kai' Season 5

Robyn Lively's Cameo Is the Best 'Karate Kid' Tie-in Ever on 'Cobra Kai' Season 5 ...

Cobra Kai is a legacy sequel series that has included a slew of references and cameos from the Karate Kid universe. None of them were as unexpected or as well done as the Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) cameo during Season 5, Episode 5 "Extreme Measures." Many fans will remember her as a potential love interest turned friend in The Karate Kid Part III. She witnessed firsthand the horror that Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) and Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan

Jessica has a solid grasp of what Cobra Kai is capable of, while Daniel's wife, Amanda (Courtney Henggeler), has had little first-hand experience with them. Once the kids return to Columbus, Ohio, her cousin appears, and is revealed to be none other than Jessica Andrews.

Jessica and Amanda have a strong connection to both the hero and the villain of the show, which makes Jessica's role extremely crucial to the plot of Season 5.

Jessica's Journey In 'Karate Kid Part III'

Jessica Andrews was first introduced to The Karate Kid universe in Part III as a potential love interest Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) was attempting to hook Daniel up with. Unfortunately, she was unable to get a date with her ex-boyfriend back in Ohio. They did however establish a bond over a short period of time.

Jessica didn't realize that she was hanging out with Cobra Kai, the All-Valley Karate Champion who planned to terrorize Daniel and everyone around him. Mike Barnes shows up at the wrong time when Jessica attempts to intervene, kicking her in the stomach, which was obviously uncalled for. Later on, Barnes and his gang show up and snatch their ropes, putting Daniel and Jessica at serious danger.

Jessica's Return In 'Cobra Kai'

Jessica does a quick stopover during Season 5 of Cobra Kai to see her cousin Amanda LaRusso in years. She then asks Amanda to introduce herself and explain what's really going on. Once Amanda does so, Jessica spits out her drink and repeats Terry Silver's name, looking like she's in total shock.

Jessica pleads Daniel's case, hoping Amanda would forgive him for everything that happened to them back then. She even has nightmares about it 30 years later, which underscores how close the Cobra Kai guys were to their families.

Jessica Andrews' return after all these years was a pleasant surprise while integrating directly into fan service in the most brilliant way possible. She was responsible for her meeting Daniel, and she was able to keep the story going at a good pace thanks to her experiences. She was directly affected by his students, and she understands what Daniel is going through. Back in the day, these two personalities were very similar.

Jessica Andrews was an incredible addition to Cobra Kai's fifth season, while also resurrecting the bad reputation The Karate Kid Part III has had for the previous few decades.

Jessica Andrews' inclusion in Cobra Kai was unexpected, yet it felt natural to the situation. Amanda has a good connection with Mike Barnes, Terry Silver, and most importantly Daniel, and she is open to her opinions when it comes to her interactions with Amanda. Both of them were outstanding due to the incredible talent of both Lively and Henggeler as actors.