30 Years Ago, 'Singles' Introduced Me to the Grunge Scene

30 Years Ago, 'Singles' Introduced Me to the Grunge Scene ...

Singles is a 1992 documentary about the emerging grunge music scene in Seattle that has been released for the 30th time in 30 years. The film now serves as a time capsule in the finest nineties way possible. There are flannels and Doc Martens, but really it is an ode to the music of the musicians in the film right before they all went to super stardom. And for me, a young gal from Northeast Pennsylvania, it served as an introduction to a hip, Northwestern city that I intend

Singles Is Not a Plot-Heavy Film

The film itself is a series of single twenty-somethings navigating life in Seattle in 1992. However, the filmmakers vehemently refute that claim. Matt Dillon plays Cliff, a dopey musician who is attempting to make a name for himself in this new evolving movie scene and his girlfriend Janet (Bridget Fonda) who cant seem to get enough of him.

Singles Was One of Seattle's First Cinematic Depictions

Seattle. It sounded so exotic in 1992, before Frasier, before Meredith Grey began her career at Seattle Grace on Greys Anatomy. Twin Peaks, a 90s film, also used it as a backdrop for its film in Snoqualmie, Washington, because the weather really justified wearing it long before it was appropriate. Cities outside of the East Coast also seemed to be a popular location to shoot.

The music scene seemed to be all anyone was talking about until a year later, Nirvanas Nevermind was released in theaters. As you may know, Pearl Jam formed a small band called Superunknown, which didn't release until 1994 with their huge hit Black Hole Sun.

One of Singles' Best Parts Was Its Soundtrack

The Singles soundtrack was by far the best of the film. Although not from Seattle specifically, it includes songs from The Replacements. Billy Corgan's unmistakable voice pops up on the soundtrack a year before their breakthrough album Siamese Dream was released. Hendrix was also a major part of the grunge movement.

The soundtrack was such a smash hit that it was reissued in 2017 with 18 new bonus tracks. It also included the song Touch Me, Im Dick, which is performed by Citizen Dick in the film (but really performed by Pearl Jam). Other tracks included from Truly, Blood Circus, and Mike McCready (also of Pearl Jam).

Before Singles was released, I knew nothing about grunge music. Some bands stood the test of time, like Pearl Jam, who is still going strong in its original form all these years later. (Okay Docs are timeless, but still) If you want a glimpse at what it was like in 1992 in the midst of the decade's hottest music scene, here is the place to start.