Season 3 of City on a Hill episode 8 spoilers: The big finale

Season 3 of City on a Hill episode 8 spoilers: The big finale ...

There are a LOT of different things we can say about City on a Hill Season 3 episode 8 on Showtime next week. This is one episode that might include a lot of legal drama from start to finish. Think about potential settlements, family conflicts, and a trial. Were also concerned about the long-term future of the series!

Remember that for the time being, the premium cable network hasnt announced whether or not to have a season 4. Were cautiously optimistic, mostly because a network like this doesnt like to cancel long-term series. On the other side, they ended up returning it for a revival movie. We just have to see whether or not we fully understand it here.

The wholeCity on a Hill Season 3 episode 8 synopsis as well as other news on what lies ahead can be seen below:

Jackie tracks down a key witness as Decourcy prepares to send Sinclair Dryden to trial. Siobhan agrees to a settlement on behalf of the Mendoza family, but her second chance is denied by a loved one. Jenny meets her long-lost half-brother in the season finale.

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