Andy Cohen is developing a scripted show for NBC

Andy Cohen is developing a scripted show for NBC ...

According to Variety, Andy Cohen's book is being developed for NBC.

Hier's all you need to know about it:

Most Talkative Is a Series About Not Fitting Into Any One Box & Figuring Out How to Make Your Own

Andy Cohen (@bravoandy) has shared a post.

According to Variety, a new program is in the works inspired by Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture.

According to the outlet, the program is described as a coming of age comedy.

Most Talkative is a series about figuring out how to make your own. He is gay and loves the Cardinals, his bar mitzvah tutor is a stoner, and his soap opera-fueled imagination makes him both the life of the party and the source of endless drama.

The program will be scripted.

Cohen said he's thrilled to use my childhood as the jumping off point for what I know will be a funny program, and to work with an incredible group, including my pal Jason Blum and UTV.

According to reports, the show is directed by Emmy winnerTodd Holland.

The show has not yet been released, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Andy Cohen introduced his son to the music of Cher, and he thought she was like Elsa from Frozen.

Andy Cohen's tweet (@bravoandy) is a response to a question.

Cohen shared Cher's music with his three-year-old son, Ben, on September 16th. He recorded the whole thing on video.

Ben said she was a singer. She was too loud for me to sing.

Cohen replied. You loved it. Who did she remind you of?

Cohen asked him, "You reminded you of Elsa, right?" he replied.Because they were both great singers.

Fans and famous pals flocked to the comments in response to the video.

One thing about kids is that they are prepared to reveal their true stories. Porsha Williams, a former RHOA star, said she said.

Sutton Stracke, of RHOBH fame, said, "I really want to babysit."

Margaret Josephs of RHONJ commented, "Cher-ing!"

Several followers also commented on the topic.

Someone said, Omg it was too loud I just love him. Ben walks up to Cher like you could just like. Do less.'

Another fan praised Andy for finally meeting his match.

I love his tiny voice! Someone wrote.

Chers music writing, Sonny & Cher, my first concert at the age of 2, was discussed by a fan on August 19, 1973. I broke my arm, but my bravery eventually got me this concert. Raising those children is a good habit!

You are a wonderful dad! Someone once said that nothing beats spending time with them.

Another fan wrote that these kids stress us out for no reason.

Take your kid to Broadway to see Idina Menzel, it'll enthuse his tiny brain, according to a fan.

Someone commented on these conversations.

Another fan wrote, Nice!!! And don't worry Andy, all of my children are open to disagreeing with me!! Strong headed personalities here.