Jean Smarts Gossip Reporter: Dressing to Be Seen

Jean Smarts Gossip Reporter: Dressing to Be Seen ...

'Babylon,' a maximalist film whose every frame teems with excess, is only appropriate that its costumes be outrageous in both their number and designs, according to costume designer Mary Zophres, who estimates that her and her staff created around 7,000 outfits, which is even more impressive when one considers the meticulous attention to detail that went into every garment.' Nowhere in the world did Jean Smart's brutally honest gossip columnist Elinor St. John receive more recognition for her

“People overlook the importance of outfits in terms of character development,” Smart said of IndieWire. She credits Hollywood gossip columns like Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper, as well as Elinor Glyn, a journalist and screenwriter who popularized the notion of the “It Girl” as defined by Clara Bow.

Elinor St. John is older than many of the actors in "Babylon." Both qualities find their way into how she presents herself, especially when she visits other journalists to see a performance of "Singin' in the Rain."


Scott Garfield is a well-known actor in the United Kingdom.

Elinor's outfit and outfit were created from scratch by Zophres and her collaborators. "We combined it with vintage fabric and dye to make a matching hat," Zophres said. "She's kind of reimagining Cher here with this outrageous hand-beaded headpiece and matching dress."

"Babylon" is a term used to refer to China.

Scott Garfield is a British author.

In one of the film's most heartbreaking scenes, Jack Conrad takes Elinor by surprise when he storms into her house to confront her about a sad article she has written, yet she still looks fabulous. “He does catch her off guard, but she still has a great deal of elegance,” Zophres said.

"I had been dying to do a period piece for a while, and thank God this one had a wonderful budget for the most spectacular custom-made dresses and coats," Smart said, adding that she hadn't been able to communicate with a costume designer in such detail since her early days performing Shakespeare on stage. "She's a gifted artist."