Succession: The Top 10 Episodes

Succession: The Top 10 Episodes ...

At this point, we may sound like a broken record, but it is always helpful to highlight when a television show truly capitalizes on the fact that it is a TV show. Many programs today see a runtime as a means to an end or as just another hour to fill on the way to an end.

The one where Tom Throws Water Bottles; the one Where Tom Turns a Desk Over; The One Where Tom Steals Logan's Chicken — or in an "Always Sunny"-like way — The Gang Testifies Before Congress; The Gang Gets Rid of a Fake Dead Cat

Season 4 of "Succesision" will be released on March 26; some are seemingly superficial displays of extreme wealth and pretentiousness, but here are our arguments for some of the show's best episodes. (Apologies in advance for the lack of Tomlettes.)

"Succession" is a term used by lawyers to refer to anything that is not already known.

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Tony Roche is the artistic director of Andrij Parekh.

This is "Boar on the Floor." However, before the Waystar sycophants kneel for sausages, this episode is a testament to the power of one character to move mountains. A slew of execs and dealmakers transform a Hungarian corporate retreat into elaborate, metaphor-drenched battle prep.

More "Boar on the Floor" parsing can be seen in our episode review from 2019.

In "Succession," Jeremy Strong is engaged.

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Jesse Armstrong is the musical director of Mark Mylod.

Season 1 of "Succession" inevitably winds down that wedding, as it comes to an end, almost entirely. There's Roman in the bathroom, literally washing his hands of a catastrophic rocket launch. Despite the fact that the show didn't end there, it's still one of the great series finales.

The conversation with Jeremy Strong about how that crash scene and its aftermath came together.

"Succession" is the term used in the game.

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Tony Roche and Susan Soon He Stanton is the director of: Kevin Bray.

"Retired Janitors of Idaho" is a sly tale about a tense shareholders meeting and adding on the unexpected advice from a UTI-hazed Logan. The whole Waystar inner circle becomes a grand improv team, attempting to piece together a longform piece that just happens to have the whole company's future attached to it. There's Ewan telling audience surrogate Greg that he's becoming as rotten as everyone else.

Our review of "Retired Janitors of Idaho," complete with an ode to that sublime Greenpeace subplot.

Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong are in the midst of "Succession."

Graeme Hunter is a well-known artist in the United Kingdom.

Jesse Armstrong is the artistic director of Mark Mylod, who also writes.

When Connor and Connor are invited to Caroline's wedding, that particular family pairing sends that desperation into overdrive. It sets Connor up to fall on the first rung of the "dating ladder." But add on Caroline's epic bachelorette party conversation and The Greatest Cell Phone Mistake in the History of Cell Phone Mistakes, and this one gets elevated even higher.

Here's an essay on attachment and isolation as one of the mainstay themes of "Succession," starting with "Chiantishire."

'Succession' is a term used by politicians.

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Will Tracy is the directorial director of Mark Mylod.

In an episode that illustrates how much dissatisfaction there is between people seeking to maximize their income, the Pierce family dynamic is instantaneous (a lot more quoting "King Lear" than living it out in real time), and there's false piety on both sides of the Merger That Wasn't. Once again, this is a striking example of the Roy family's subdued ego, whether or not they like it.

Here's how "Tern Haven" manages to maintain a balance between pity and judgment in its main protagonists.

"Succession" is the term used to refer to events in the United States.

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Jon Brown is the director of S. J. Clarkson's novel.

The waystar trunk gets restored in a matter of hours in a trendy warehouse is one of the worst-kept secrets of "Succession." (Exhibit A: Kendall having to listen to that same DJ Shadow/Run the Jewels song to get himself ready for a business meeting and then a night out to celebrate Tom's wedding.)

Several have argued that 'Succession' may be the only good show on television.

Brian Cox in "Succession"

Graeme Hunter / HBO

Jesse Armstrong is the artistic director of Mark Mylod.

When Kendall's murderous pledge to the Roy children fades into a few hours, ending a wild season of swerving allegiances and heavy hearts, it's a prime example of the show's ability to have emotional clarity at every turn. From Tom and Shiv's final framing, to the Renaissance painting-worthy finale, everything is art.

With Mylod, cinematographers Christopher Norr and Patrick Capone, and production designer Stephen H. Carter, our crafts team unpacked the Season 3 finale.

"Succession" is a term used to describe a move.

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Susan Soon He Stanton is the writer/director of Andrij Parekh.

'Which Side Are You On? is the show's first major masterclass in ratcheting up tension just through cuts, stares, and nervous arguing. Kendall's nervous diligence being the thing that torpedoes his entire coup attempt is the sweet icing on the super-wealthy hubris cake.

Anne McCabe, episode editor, reveals more on the boardroom sequence.

"Succession" means "succession."

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Jesse Armstrong is the writer and director of Mark Mylod's novel.

Kendall coming out of an empty tub after a solo meditation session and shouting "Action stations!" was a post-vaccine battle cry. This season opener has the pace and ferocity of an action thriller, going almost wire to wire with the kinds of loaded words that might as well be fight footage. Whether those words are coming in sentences like sharp daggers ("Roman is out." "It's me." or coming out from the one guy who nervously fills empty spaces with buzzword salad, "Se

Our first impressions of the 2021 episode, including an early look at the Roman/Logan phone call.

Jeremy Strong on "Succession."

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Jesse Armstrong is the director of Mark Mylod, who writes and directs the book.

This Season 2 finale, where a family piles onto a boat and decides who they'll murder, is somewhat like Agatha Christie's iPad. After another example of Roman showing some real business sense, Tom and Shiv's beachside assessment of their marriage remains the purest summary of every single codependent relationship on this show. (Give "You're dead!" its own wing at the Paley Center.

In video essays and podcast discussions on this final episode, another "Succession" craft smorgasbord awaits, including contributions from cast, crew, and creator Jesse Armstrong.

Season 4 of HBO's "Succession" will be released on March 26. Seasons 1-3 are currently available for streaming on HBO Max.