Should you keep the Hogwarts Legacy's ancient magic repository open or keep it hidden?

Should you keep the Hogwarts Legacy's ancient magic repository open or keep it hidden? ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a fantasy role-playing game set in the popular Harry Potter world. It's far before the events of the famous book and film series, but players make important decisions that greatly influence their time at Hogwarts.

The main story in Hogwarts Legacy follows a late-entry fifth-year student who is thrust into the mysterious wizarding world. Legacy includes plenty of new intrigue and facts to keep players guessing.

The last chapter of the game is the culmination of the player's efforts to unlock an ancient magic repository. This powerful source of magic can either be sealed or unleashed, held by the player. Many players are unsure of what to choose because they are suffering from choice atrophy. Here's what both endings mean.

Should you restore the ancient magic deposit that is contained in Hogwarts Legacy?

The player and Professor Fig are separated from the rest of the professors defending Hogwarts from a goblin invasion at the end of Hogwarts Legacy, and the ancient magic repository under the wizarding school is exposed, with players now playing the role of 'Keeper' as the only wizard capable of controlling ancient magic.

The 'good ending' for many players has been interpreted as preserving the ancient magic repository closed. If players choose this ending, the goblin Ranrok will absorb the ancient magic and transform into a beast-like creature that players will battle against in a decisive battle. On his deathbed, Professor Fig assures players that they made the correct decision.

The 'evil conclusion' is often referred to as absorbing the power within the ancient magic repository. Fig will advise players to consider their options, though the player character will claim they will use the power for good. Players do have the opportunity to reverse and seal the power, however, they may also insist the power be theirs.

While these two endings complete the game's lengthy main narrative, there is still one more player can unlock to truly finish the game. With either choice, players will still be able to return to Hogwarts and finish their term.